Press-hateNewspaper reporter’s job is the worst job of 2015. According the list prepared by they have considered a number factors while rating the job. On the list of 200 jobs Newspaper reporter was on the 200th position. Newspaper Reporter’s job owned the last position on the list because of low yearly income and high stress levels at the job. No growth opportunities in the field also play a detrimental role for the career.

Some argue that the advent of digital content and online availability played an important role in shrinkage of the readership of the printed content. The accessibility the users enjoy on the internet while viewing the digital content is far ahead then the limited printed content. Further adding to it Photojournalists are at 195th Number in the list. Publication editor at 137th and social Media Manager at 101 number in the list.

The good writing skills of the journalist won’t get wasted as they have new opportunities to avail like writing for advertisements, marketing or for online blogs or even social media, as online viewership and readership is increasing day by day. Journalism is passion for many journalists so they have no issues with the tough life they lead.