Neelam MunirOne of the most famous actresses of Pakistani television industry, Neelam Munir is giving priority to Pakistani films over Bollywood. In a recent interview to Pakistani newspaper, Neelam Munir has said that she is still preferring Pakistani films on Bollywood movies. Neelam Munir said that she is continuously getting offers from Bollywood film industry but Pakistani films will be always her first priority. Neelam has revealed that she is playing a leading role in Mohsin Ali’s next film, shooting of this film will be started soon. Previously, Neelam Munir had declined offers of 2 Indian movies due to bold scenes.

Neelam Munir said that the film is very popular medium of art industry but doesn’t mean that we sign it without reading script and knowing team. She said that she has many offers from not only Pakistani film industry but also from Indian film industry but will accept when she like any script. Neelam said that she is very lucky for making her own identity in the industry and people remembers her with the characters.

Neelam Munir has also revealed that Ahsan Khan is playing leading role in the film along with her and shooting of this film will be completed till April, this year.