NazoAfter relying on Turkish dramas, Urdu 1 television has started to broadcast the quality local serials and has introduced a touchy story drama, Nazo. Young and beautiful actress of Pakistani showbiz industry, Sonya Wasif has played a leading role of mentally challenged special child in the drama. It is the message to the society that how they treat mentally ill children and their role in the society. The cast of Nazo includes Sonya Wasif, Atiqa Odho, Zhalay Sarhadi and others. Nazo had started from 27th July and will be broadcasted every Monday, from Urdu 1.

The drama starts with the fight of a couple who already had a girl and they are arguing with each other over the second children. Husband Riaz wants a boy while his wife Tabassum gave birth to her second baby girl, but she is mentally weak. Husband showed his anger on the second baby girl and leaves home but killed in an accident and Tabassum doesn’t have a choice other than doing job to fulfill the expenses of home.

The story of Nazo is a unique concept and viewers have appreciated this step by the Urdu 1 television for broadcasting quality local serials. However, the role of special child Nazo, played by Sonya Wasif is also liked by the viewers and the way she has presented this role is mind blowing.