Bahar BegumKarachi: According to the actress Bahar Begum, Muslim League did not do anything for the Pakistan film industry in past. This is useless to think that Muslim League will help film industry in this era, she expressed. She added that we try to resist with Indian film industry but, we don’t think that Indian film industry has the biggest support of their government.

Actress Bahar said that our government does not give any response to film industry. According to the government of Pakistan to concentrate on film industry is useless, but this is the best way to entertain people, she said. She further said that people could release their tensions by watching entertaining programs. Pakistani people are sick of load shedding, poverty and unemployment etc, there should be some fun to give them relief, actress expressed.

Entertainment is necessary to release tension from the life of people. Fun indeed gives good change to the people. Bahar Begum’s opinion is quite true and our government should take any action for the improvement of film industry.