Pakistani-Filmstar-Nadeem-BaigLahore: Senior actor of Pakistan film industry Nadeem Baig said that improvements cannot bring in the Pakistan film industry without stopping screening of Indian films in the Pakistan. Some mean people are becoming responsible for the destruction of the film industry, Nadeem said.

Talking to the media, actor Nadeem Baig said the since the time has started of Indian films screenings in Pakistani cinemas, our industry has collapsed with more destruction and even now no one is ready to give screening to Pakistani films. That’s why Nadeem thinks that until Indian films screenings will not stop in Pakistan cinemas, industry could not be better. He also added that in order to get highest profit caused by Indian films, cinemas have no space for Pakistani films while Pakistan film industry is also throwing good quality films.

[alert style=”green”]It is pertinent to mention that well-known Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid also showed his dissatisfaction regarding release of Indian movies in Pakistan few months ago as well as he is not in favor to work in Indian film industry.[/alert] Several actors of Pakistani film industry have asked to ban release of Indian films in Pakistan like Reema, Nadeem Baig, Shaan Shahid and director Syed Noor in order to progress Pakistan film industry.