Nabeeha-EjazOne of the well known Pakistani female anchors Nabeeha Ejaz of 92 News has left the channel because of some undisclosed conflicts. Nabeeha Ejaz joins Neo News as a part of news team of the channel. Most probably her designation on Neo News will be as news anchor.

According to recent claims on social media by Ayesha Khalid female anchors are leaving 92 News because of harassment by Top management of the channel. In support of this tweet Nabeeha Ejaz re-twitted the tweet of Ayesha Khalid on her official twitter account.

Recently famous news analyst of 92 news Fawad Chaudhry also joins Neo News. The reason behind that move was undisclosed.

Previously, another famous news casters and program host of 92 News Fara Yousaf left the channel in January 2016, just after around 4 months of joining the channel.

5 Journalist left the channel 92 News in 3 to 4 month which is confusing.