ahad raza mir Ahad Raza Mir need no intro, in a very short time has proved himself as refined artist. Recently, Ahad has been nominated for Betty Mitchell Awards in drama category for his performance in the theatre play Hamlet: A Ghost Story in Canada. In a recent interview Parwaaz Hai Junoon actor told that he lived in Canada for around 10 years & studied acting at the University of Calgary. After the education completed he came back Pakistan & started his career as an actor.

Ahad said the reason he went to perform in Canadian theatre was to actually portray positive image of Pakistan. He wanted to show that Pakistan has got talent & they can even perform internationally. Performance in the Canadian theatre was not an easy task for him, there was 3 hours show & some 1300 lines of script to remember.

Ahad also revealed that after his performance in Hamlet, a lot of Pakistanis & Indians came the Shakespeare Company to give audition and it never happened before.

About his engagement with actress Sajjal Ali, Ahad told that they haven’t decided the wedding date yet.