Farhat AsifA multilingual news agency has been launched in Pakistan, named as “Global News Pakistan” with the motive to provide domestic and international news in different languages including English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese and Urdu. Asif Noor is the Chief Editor of Global News Pakistan, who is already publishing his own stylish monthly magazine “The Diplomatic Insight”. The aim of the newly launched news agency Global News Pakistan is to provide local and international news for the public who knows different languages including English and Urdu.

“We will be providing news, translation, interpretation, editing services along with voiceovers for audios/videos in these languages,” Founder and CEO of Global News Pakistan Farhat Asif told a local website.

Farhat Asif said that the basic motive of this multilingual news agency is to promote peace in the society between people with the different languages and to build bridges between the nations. She said that the GNP is initially starting with two major languages i.e. English and Chinese and will gradually included other languages as well after some time.

Currently, we are working on the GNP website and are in process of hiring professional journalists and looking for freelancers for translations across the world, building database so to say,” Farhat Asif added.

It is to be noted that this initiative will help to reduce the distance between different nations and to promote peace around the world.