Hina JavedFamous actress and model of Pakistani showbiz industry Hina Javed got married for the second time. According to the reports of Pakistani media industry, her second marriage took place in Lahore few days ago, with UK based businessman named as Ali. Few relatives of bride and groom were present at their wedding ceremony. Both the Hina and Ali know each other from the past few years, but they have decided to get married few days ago. It is second marriage of model Hina Javed.

Hina Javed had married with famous director and actor of television industry Jawad Bashir, and their marriage lasts for few years only. Hina Javed had also worked with Jawad Bashir in several projects, in which dramas broadcasted on PTV are also included. Hina and Jawad have also released their film “Maya”, few months ago but the film failed to attract viewers and flopped. It had been rumored in the showbiz industry that the couple have some serious issues and their relations are not good, but both of them have denied previously.

After her second marriage, Hina Javed said that every person has the right to live own life and that is why she has married again. Hina said that she is happy and lucky to have a husband who loves her very much.