Ayyan AliModel Ayyan Ali who got arrested from Benazir International Airport while attempting to carry huge sum of Money. She is behind the bars now as further investigation is being carried out on the money laundering case. According to some sources her life has totally changed in Adiala Jail where she is kept in the B Category cell of a barrack for females.

The sources further revealed that her day starts with the recitation of the verses from Holly Quran. She offers five time prayers regularly and punctually. She has also changed the way she dressed, saying good bye to pair of Jeans and Shirt and embracing the traditional shalwar kameez and a chaddar (cloak). She now has a tasbeeh which keeps on rotating in her hand. In Addition she also eats simple food now.

She is being treated like a VVIP in the jail where she is enjoying all amenities almost of an A class prisoner, amenities include a female helper too who cleans her cell and also bring meals for her, her food also comes from outside the jail. Furthermore the frequent visits of VIPs has given life to the Adiala Jail which is mostly deserted and is housed by high profile criminals and terrorists.