As we know that mobile snatching has been fiercely increased in our cities as most people have gone through from this incident. There is no who one who can arrest these snatchers and take such strong actions against them in order to eradicate these crimes from the cities due to which cities’ situations are getting worst day by day and people are getting afraid to go out.

According to the details, recently a mobile snatcher has been found in Karachi and pictures of criminal have been appeared in front of everyone who has snatched lot of mobile phones in order to use expensive and new mobile after some days or months. Today, when technology has entered in new era of innovation, some evil can easily be catch by their foolish mistakes. As it is saying that technology has merits and demerits too, so last snatched mobile of this criminal goes against to him due to his foolish mistake and modern technology.

In this manner, mobile phone snatcher of Karachi was identified in a very easy way as the person’s mobile which was snatched by this criminal was connected with Google account by chance. After snatching last mobile phone, criminal captured several pictures of himself which was automatically uploaded to the victim’s Google account and now finally snatched man has released these images on the internet. It is pertinent to mention that criminal snatched this mobile phone at Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Block 10-A near Lassania Restaurant.

This event has posted on internet by blogger Wali Khan with criminal’s latest pictures as this incident was happened with one of his dear ones. Affected man has also recognized another snatcher from these pictures and has appealed that if someone knows them, kindly report police against them. In the photos taken by the offender some other pictures have been found which includes Girls collage, another suspicious man and several other photos despite of his images.



mobile-snatcher-caught-in-karachiBy seeing pictures of the offender and his related area’s pictures, it has become easy for the police to arrest him in order to give him punish for his offenses. Because these are the men, who are creating mess in the city and disturb the current situation of Karachi due to which lot of people are facing this incidents.