Mir Shakeel & Shaista LodhiAccording to reliable sources that the anti-corruption court in Gilgit has given arrest warrants for Geo network’s owner Mir Shakilur Rehman, Pakistani bold actress Veena Malik and her husband Asad Khattak and Shaista Lodhi.

The court allegedly sentenced 26-year locking up and 13 lakh fines to Shakilur Rehman, Shaista, veena and her husband. Whereas the story has shown on many conventional news channels and websites, HIP in not capable to verify it autonomously at this time.

According to source, judge of anti-corruption court Raja Shahbaz sentenced the Islamabad, Punjab and Sindh police IGs to take into custody the charged and further said that additionally to custody and fine, Mir Shakilur Rheman’s property and passport have to also be detained. The case has been awaiting six months.

Lodhi, Malik and Khattak were charged of profanity after an Utho Jago Pakistan’s Veena Malik wedding special.

Shaista confessed publically and did apology, affirming any offence was not deliberately and accidental but within hours ARY host Mubasher Lucman’s television show had made the issue in to the attention; the channel and the show host have been facing public annoyance since then.

Lodhi departed from the country for a while after death threats and a rumored spread Jang Group later on. Malik has also gone from Pakistan and supposedly regrets being part of the contentious episode.