Mehdi Hassan familyLahore: Sub-continent Ghazal King Late Mehdi Hasan’s family has moved to Lahore amid of the deteriorated law and order conditions in Karachi. Mehdi Hasan’s son Arif Mehdi has bought house in Lahore for permanent residence. His wife and children have also reached the city, few days back.

Talking about the insecurities that forced him to take such a decision Arif spoke that the target killing incidents, extortion activities and abduction had become such a common practice that living there had not been safe. ‘While leaving my home, I would feel terror and anxiety’, he added.

‘The deteriorated condition had upset my family therefore we moved to Lahore’, said son of the legendary Ghazal singer.  Arif has purchased a home in the Sabzazar city of Lahore. He would carry forward to promote young talents through the platform of the institute established by his father. Arif said that several problems relating to education, house shifting had been faced by his family moving from Karachi to Lahore. The family had been engaged in several activities in Karachi and they need to re-start all the work from the new city.