MeeraPopular actress and scandal queen of Pakistani film industry has requested Wildlife Department of Punjab for adopting panda cub. According to the reports of Pakistani media, film actress Meera has recently files an application in the Wildlife Department of Punjab, in which she has shown her interest to adopt little panda. In this application, Meera has stated that she is willing to adopt little panda cub and will made special forest environment for it if Wildlife Department give her panda cub. Previously, film actress Meera had made headline after fighting in Nadia Khan Show.

According to the sources of Wildlife Department of Punjab, they have received an application by famous actress Meera, in which she has requested the department for adopting panda cub. The sources of Wildlife Department have said that the authorities have not decided whether to give her panda cub or not, but it will be soon finalized. Sources have also said that if the authorities approve this application, panda cub will be given to the film actress by charging its actual price.

It is to be stated that Meera has not yet revealed about this application on the media.