MeeraThe controversy Queen of Pakistan Meera after trying out her luck in acting and modelling has now launched her own media house ‘Meera Films’. The newly launched Media house has already teamed up with Geo TV, Express TV and Zee TV. Meera has set on the voyage to explore the business side of the show biz Industry. Meera is planning to make 15 movies by 2016.

The launching of this new media house has also provided new exciting opportunities to the energetic youth of Pakistan for working in the film industry. According to the Auditions Manager of ‘Meera Films’ hundreds of people are approaching them for auditions. The manager further added the movies will be highlighting the topics and matters which the society wants to see. The masses were seeking such opportunity which will provide them with platform to show case their talents. Some experts commented that the opening of new Media house will prove to be a positive step in the longer run for the Pakistani film Industry.

The launch team expressed their faith in Meera’s skill, she will make the new venture a success the team re-approved. Reviving the cinema of Pakistan is among the top agenda of this newly launched Media House. Meera will be seen in an upcoming Bollywood Movie ‘Hotal’ which will be released next month.