meera actressKarachi: Famous Pakistani actress Meera has fought with an Indian actress Priyanka Chopra in America. Actress Meera came across Priyanka in an event there and misbehaved with each other. Actress Meera told that Indian actress Priyanka thinks that Pakistani actresses are lesser than Indian actress that is reason she fought with her. Meera said to Priyanka that Pakistani actresses are not lesser than other.

Meera has said that we should promote Pakistani actresses. We Pakistani actresses are equal to Indian actresses, she expressed. Meera has further said that she will tell all details to her Pakistani media friends about her visit. Actress Meera has said that she has collected a lot of funds in America for the hospital. Her all shows have got a lot of success in America.

Meera is a Pakistani film actress, television presenter and model. Actress started her modeling career in 1995. She has done modeling for multi-international companies Pepsi and Lux. She did her movie “Khilona” in 1999 and won her first “Nigar Award” and after her movie “Inteha” she got a lot of success. Meera is also famous for the different types of interesting news which spreads about her by media.