maya khan with nusrat harisMaya Khan is part of Pakistani Showbiz since her child hood. She used to record her voice for different character’s voice overs when she was only 10 years old. Since then she had been appearing in different programs and dramas. Many viewers had seen her growing up on the screen as she had been appearing on the screen since her childhood.

In early 1990s she acted in her first Drama when she was a teenager. As her career in acting took a leap ahead she also had opportunity to work with senior artists like Nadeem Ahmed and Jahanara for the super hit drama serial ‘Bisaat’ which was a success in her acting career. She has starred as a female lead for a number of Dramas which were aired from Indus Vision, Geo TV and ARY Digital. She has an extensive experience in hosting different programs on ARY Digital and Samaa TV.

She faced controversy in her career over her program on Samaa TV. Which was criticized by NGOs and activists for breaching the privacy of Public. Later the matter worsens when someone claimed that all the people who were confronted during her show in different parks were actually actors who were hired by Maya’s team to do the job.