May Allah Give Shahid Afridi a Son: Social Media Starts Praying

The most famous Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi has made Pakistan to win in many games. Now, His fans are praying for him that may Allah gives him a son. The king of sixes Shahid Afridi has got four daughters by the grace of Allah. We should pray for this best cricketer that Allah will give him a son. This is the wish of every Pakistani.

This is the great victory for Pakistan that Pakistani team has defeated India. We got this victory just because of Shahid Afridi. Shahid Indeed played well with great effort. It was very difficult to defeat India but Afridi showed his brilliant performance. King of sixes Afridi made every Pakistani happy and we Pakistani should pray for his happiness. All Pakistani the fans of Afridi believes that Allah will give him reward by giving him a son.

Shahid Afridi the great player of Pakistan has got a lot of fans. Not only in Pakistan but also in India he has got a lot of fans. He is also called Boom Boom Afridi; Cricketer was born in March 1, 1980.

Here is Image Which is Spreading on Social Media

dua for Shahid AfridiHere is Shahid Afridi Picture with his Daughters

Shahid Afridi with family

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  1. Rubab says:

    May ALLAH gives shahid afridi a son ALLAH bless u & gives more n more success

  2. Nadeem says:

    Shahid Afridi ko Allah ka bohat shukar adda karna chahiyah kah Allah nay un ko Aulaad atta ki. Aur betiyan to Allah ki rahmat aur nijat ka zarya hoti han. Please do not post this link again, it’s not good for his daughters.

  3. noor noora angel says:

    Ameen Allah Huma Ameen……………………….

  4. Fayyaz Ahmad says:

    Aameen Summa Aameen

  5. HUMZA Malik says:

    ALLAH Pak Shahid bhai ko ko baita de , Ameen.

  6. Abid Abbas Khokhar says:


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