ZakootaThe Famous Zakoota Jin whose real name is Matloob ur Rehman is now in need of financial support, he has been paralyzed since last eight months leaving him to stay at home. He was attacked by paralysis while he was performing in theater at Gujranwala. Zakoota Jin was one of the famous characters amongst children during the 90s. He was the favorite of children of that time as he starred in the famous fiction series ‘Ainak Wala Jin’.

His whole right side was paralyzed he couldn’t even walk, eat or even talk properly. According to his wife who thanked ALLAH and said that his husband can now at least walk a bit. He has six children the elder two are married whereas the other four are dependent. Zakoota and his family had to leave their previous home because of financial issues they were facing after the health crisis of famous Zakoota Jin. Now they have been forced to move to a deserted place on the outer skirts of Lahore, there is not even a single human being living here and only wild animals and insects along with complete silence of forest accompany us, his wife said.

Zakoota Jin and his wife complained that no one came to meet them neither from Government nor from the Arts council even not a single artist came to their home. They also demanded financial support from government. Zakoota said that Mr. Nawaz Sharif should give them a house in such a place where at least humans exist and where he can die peacefully and his children may live easily.

Contact Mazher Arshad, if you want to help him.