The famous controversial TV host, singer and dancer Mathira has revealed her secret life which is almost shocking news for her fans. Do you believe Mathira is married? Yes, she is married as she tied up in a knot just a year ago which is only known by her family members and some close friends as she kept her marriage as a big secret.

In this regard, Mathira told in an interview that she is a reserved person and wants to keep her personal life secret as lots of controversies have come into her way which has totally broken and shattered her. She added just to keep her family save from controversies that is why she decide to keep her marriage secret as relationships are very delicate and easily breakable. Public used to spread rumors and create controversies which produce a sense of insecurities for the person who is facing these types of storms, Mathira responded.Mathira

When Mathira asked about her husband, she refused to disclose her husband name while saying that I will show his appearance too but at the right time. Mathira just told about her husband that he is not linked with showbiz nor he belongs to Pakistan and she met him incidentally. Furthermore, Mathira told that she is happy with her husband as he is nice guy and does not have any problem with her career.