master chef pakistanMaster Chef the famous relativy cooking show is now coming to Pakistan and will be aired from Urdu 1 channel. The show is famous in Pakistan and people have watched different Master Chef seasons aired by foreign channels.

Master Chef was started in 1990 in United Kingdom. Now Master Chef under the same logo “MasterChef” is produced in 35 countries. Master Chef Australia aired by Star World in Pakistan was very famous whereas Master Chef India aired by Star Plus was also viewed by thousands of people in Pakistan.

Urdu 1 Channel which is owned by Alliance Media FZ-LLC Dubai is hoping that the show “MasterChef Pakistan” will increase it viewership by a big margin. When Turkish dramas dubbed in Urdu language was started in Pakistan it was watched by thousands of people and channel got very good rating. MasterChef Pakistan will be the first relatiy show of Urdu 1 channel and it is expected that famous Chefs of Pakistan will be one of the host of the show.