Mass MediaMedia is now considered as the fourth pillar of the state. Media personals these days are enjoining their thrilling profession of journalism. Journalism has now become a very needy necessity for the society.

There’s a saying that the police who the people fear from gets scared from a journalist. Media nowadays can make or break an image. Media has become so powerful that it can uplift a nation or destroy one. For the very means the media should be used in a positive manner so the nation can be developed and can progress.

In media there is now a very vast range of opportunities for the students who want to join this profession. Be it the print or electronic media, both has its own strong impact. So, the term that is usually used these days for the Mass Media is ‘Mass Communication’.

Mass Communication is an academic discipline that deals with the study of mass media through which individual transfer their information to the large number of peoples at the same time. Mass Communication offers to train the upcoming professionals of the fields. Mass Communication (is also some time called Media Studies) brings up a lot of variety and opportunities for the students to grab. This includes, print media, electronic media, advertising and public relation.

Following are some of the fields that a Mass Communication student can get enrolled into:

  • If you have good writing skills then you can go to either print or electronic media.
  • If you have a wish to produce a show, direct a show, to become a face of channel (anchorperson) then your choice should be electronic media.
  • If you have a creative mindset, then the best field for you is advertising.
  • If you have good communication skills then you have the opportunity to become a Public Relation person.

Pakistan is producing very talented and hardworking professionals for the field of Mass Media.

In Pakistan many universities are offering degrees in the field of Mass Communication at graduate and post graduate levels.

Following are the list of top ten universities that are offering degree in Mass Communication:

  • Superior University, Lahore
  • University Of Management & Technology
  • International Islamic University, Islamabad
  • European University, Lahore
  • NUST, Islamabad
  • University Of Punjab, Lahore
  • National University Of Modern Languages
  • University Of Karachi
  • GC University, Lahore
  • University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Muzaffarabad