Madiha Shah Lahore: Pakistani famous stage drama actress Madiha Shah got married billionaire Javed Iqbal, he got married with Madiha in Canada and began new phase of life. The family members of Madiha Shah and Iqbal just presented in marriage ceremony. Erudite that her newlywed marriage Iqbal place of Karachi Defence. He gifted valued house in Vancouver, Canada.

Madiha Shah got temporarily married in her teenage, but that marriage did not go far and she was separated. She was unlucky in selecting her first life partner. Now Madiha got married with Javed Iqbal.

Javed Iqbal does business in Pakistan, Dubai and Canada. He makes better cooking dishes including condiments in many companies. Both families met few time ago and then Javed Iqbal’s family prearranged the marriage ceremony.

Iqbal and his family not forced any limits and restrictions on Madiha employment in film or stage dramas. Madiha Shah moved toward for marriage, she told that the wedding ceremony would be held in Canada.

In addition Madiha said that My-in-laws wedding reception ceremony were willing to make a huge banquet ceremony but she wanted that wedding ceremony would be simple. She said that she was from Pakistan and her fans and close friend and co artist wanted to see her in bride dress. After a month, we would come to Pakistan and then the reception would be arranged for them.

Here is Madiha Shah Picture with Husband

Madiha-shah-with-husbandShe looks even more beautiful after marriage life is my husband and his family and all the people who are really good care of me. I am currently in abroad but I did not realize that it is a bridge to the people I met in the first rain. Madiha Shah said in answer to a question that my husband Javed Iqbal and by-laws prohibit me from working in showbiz, but as always I’ll sign for good projects. Film, television and theater stints also featured in the fashion industry and will offer in the future if a good project I will certainly work.