The inaugural rite of fresh Lollywood movie Tammana was apprehended in super theatre M M Alam Road, Numerous movie artists and folks associated to movie business took part in the event. Trailer and melody of the movie was revealed in the event.

Movie will issue on 23rd March. After the event the arrangers proclaim that Super Cinema and Summit International are preparing a Movie Holiday which should endure from twenty-four to twenty-eight Feb.

In this Movie Holiday State and world feature films, small movies and biography movies will be showed. Film festival will apprehend in Super Cinema M.M Alam Road, Super Cinema Royal Palm, Prince and Shabistan Cinemas.

With new wave of energy in Lollywood industry, a new movie trailer Tammana is inaugurated which will later release on 23rd March 2014. There is a positive inflection in Pakistan’s movie industry after some movies are acknowledged globally.

Can this Lollywood movie Tammana able to flourish on similar patterns as of movie Waar which was recognized globally?

tamanna film pakistan

The viewers of the movie industry in Pakistan see that there is good amount of work being done and therefore hope of the future is reawakened again.