Umer SharifThe best comedian of Pakistan Umer Sharif said that, he is not in favor of more married proposals. In morning show comedian Umer said that he is not willing to get married anymore. He was talking to those girls who proposed him in morning show. When a skinny girl proposed him in show, he asked her that she should take care of her health first. He further suggested her to a take the pills of vitamin C.

Comedian Umer got angry, when he received the proposal of two more girls for marriage in morning show. He further said that what is happening with me in this show? Audience enjoyed his conversation, while watching him. Actor Umer Sharif is the biggest name among the comedians of Pakistan. He has the ability to bring laugh on the faces of everyone.

It is very difficult task to make laugh everyone, but he is the master of doing this and his comedy is enjoyed by everyone. Not only in Pakistan but also in all over the world he is considered to be the best comedian. There is no denying the fact that he is the best comedian. Comedian did several comedy dramas and gained a lot of progress.