Singer Hamid Ali KhanLegendry singer of Pakistan Hamid Ali Khan has criticized the trend of remix songs which is massively increasing day by day. Singer Hamid Ali said that a singer who made remix of song is actually destroying a song because these singers have no serious practice of singing as well as has no tone.

Singer Hamid Ali Khan said that to sing a song, lots of efforts are required but today everyone is singing remix songs were easily, it has been 40 years to be in industry but I am still learning singing. He also added that singing is very difficult task even I still afraid to perform but today youngsters are singing very normally as they don’t have any deep knowledge of singing. [alert style=”white”]I wish new singers understand it early because when true singer performs, he afraid at every stage, singer Hamid Ali Khan responded.[/alert]

Moreover legend singer, Hamid Ali Khan said that during his performances, he received so many requests of songs of Muhammad Rafi, Kishor Kumar and many other great singers despite of his own songs. He further added about political issues which are emerging in country day by day that we are artists we don’t have any concerned with politics but all we want is the care of poor people.