Jang NewspaperWithin the last 10 years, many media groups have been established in Pakistan and tough competition started between big media groups. Popular newspapers of Pakistan converted their several pages from black and white to colourful to attract the readers. But from the last few months, leading Urdu language newspaper Jang is not publishing sports and other pages colourful in the print edition. However on e-Paper, Jang Newspaper carries all those pages colourful. Similarly, another leading English language newspaper Dawn has also adopted same pattern and its e-paper pages are colourful but particular pages are published black and white in the print edition.

Reason behind this policy has not been revealed yet by the popular media groups but the sources of media industry claimed that cost of colourful pages is much higher than black and white pages. This is the main reason behind colourful pages on e-paper and black and white pages in print edition. Colourful pages of newspaper generally attract the readers and good presentation is called a key to success. All those newspapers who have adopted this pattern should have to leave this in order to maintain its readership.

You can see both the images of  e-paper and print edition of Jang Newspaper as an example:

Jang Sports Page (E-paper)
Jang Sports Page (Print Edition)

[junkie-alert style=”white”] It is to be noted that many complains have been recorded regarding bad print of leading newspapers and readers are not fully satisfied with the print of newspapers. [/junkie-alert]