Lahore: Lahore High Court (LHC) has restricted illegal screening of Indian movies. Hearing session was held in the court pertaining to the filed application against the illegal practice. The applicant filed the petition stating that illegal screening of the Indian movies as a common practice is set back to the local industry. It has resulted in billions of rupees to the local film industry, it stated.

LHC announcing its decision to ban the movies has ordered the federal board to answer in relation to the matter. The hearing session has been adjourned.

The petitioner giving the relevant details about the issue pointed out the screening of smuggled Indian movies under the banner of ‘foreign movies’. In accordance with law, screening of Indian movies is permissible. Many of the Bollywood movies have had been shot in India entirely while some were shot in western countries too.

Some Unreliable Media reports claimed that a leading Pakistani News channel and other political Mafias are earning from this illegal Movies. A report said that they are backing all this process but this claim hasn’t proved due to lack of evidences.Lahore High Court building

Chairman Central Board of Film Censors has been directed by the court to stop issuing fake licenses to the Indian movies, violating the law. It has also been stated in the application that Indians try to violate Pakistan’s peace. Illegal practice promotion shall be dealt sternly, under Terrorism Act.