Veteran Actor Tauqeer Nasir Returned in Showbiz After 5 years

Tauqeer Nasir1
Lahore: Famous actor of Pakistan drama industry Tauqeer Nasir has returned in showbiz as he said during his interview that good to return to acting after a five-year. He also said that he is delighted with the success of drama serial “Saaya” and he always waits for the character of strong script. Tauqeer Nasir who is getting... more →
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Actor Tauqeer Nasir Says Media Neglected Mehboob Aalam Death Anniversary

Actor Tauqeer Nasir
Lahore: Famous Pakistani TV actor Tauqeer Nasir says that death anniversary of our great actor Mehboob Aalam is ignored by our media. Actor Tauqeer says that our media neglects the death anniversaries of our great Pakistani actors, but they show ordinary Indian news about Indian actors this is not good. He further says that Indian... more →
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