Actor Tauqeer NasirLahore: Famous Pakistani TV actor Tauqeer Nasir says that death anniversary of our great actor Mehboob Aalam is ignored by our media. Actor Tauqeer says that our media neglects the death anniversaries of our great Pakistani actors, but they show ordinary Indian news about Indian actors this is not good.

He further says that Indian channels never show the news about Pakistani actors then why should Pakistani channels show their ordinary news on their channels? Being a director when I went to India, Pakistani embassy arranged press conference for me. Representative of forty channels were there but nobody releases my press conferences, actor expressed.

Actor Tauqeer Nasir requests to Pakistani media that they should show the death anniversary of our great actors. If our channels show their anniversaries our youngsters will come to know about them, he said. Tauqeer Nasir is a famous Pakistani television actor. He has worked in several dramas and acted well. He has been working in Pakistani drama industry for long time and good at acting. He is famous for his natural acting.