Kaanch Ki Gurya Drama Starts from Geo TV

Kaanch Ki Gurya hitting screens of Geo TV from 30th March 2015 at 8:00 PM replacing current drama Aap ki Kaneez. The story of Kaanch Ki Gurya revolves around the girl name, Manal, who is a sensitive girl and has to struggle hard in her life because she is an orphan. Her mother belongs to a rich family but marries a poor man. The... more →
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Actor Qavi Khan Is Going To Perform Umrah

Actor Qavi Khan
Karachi: Pakistani famous actor Qavi Khan has said that he is going back to Lahore after completing the shootings from different serials. He has said that he will go to perform Umrah from Lahore. Actor Qavi has further said that having performed Umrah, he will come back to Karachi and will be working in dramas. Actor Qavi Khan has... more →
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