Kamran Khan Argues With Talat Hussain On Naya Pakistan Show

Kamran Khan had a serious argument while talking to Talat Hussain in his Talk Show ‘Naya Pakistan’. The argument began when Talat said that Kamran should apologize as he didn’t came up to the expectations of the people and all the hype initially was created when he joined Bol News. Kamran Khan in reply to it said that the organization... more →
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Big Blow For Bol Network, Dozen Senior Journalists Left Bol

Bol TV Personalities
Bol Network, which is claimed to be the largest television network of Pakistan, is facing many difficulties just after the scandal of its parent IT Company Axact, last week. The latest development in this case is the resignation of dozens of senior journalists of Pakistani media industry including Kamran Khan, Azhar Abbas, Asma Shirazi,... more →
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Fans Alleged Shahzeb Khanzada As “Lifafa Sahafi”

Shahzaib Khanzada & Kamran Khan
As we Earlier reported that Shahzeb Khanzada to join Geo News and now he is facing tough time from his fans. His Fans and followers on Social media are commenting in disgust on Shahzaib Khanzada‘s joining of Geo TV where he is hosting old and popular show “Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Sath” with a new name Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay... more →
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Bol Kamran Khan Ke Saath To Start With Bol TV launch

Bol Kamran Khan Ke Saath
As the news has spread all over here that senior journalist and famous anchorperson of Geo News Kamran Khan has resigned from Geo News on Thursday. Now Kamran Khan is looking forward to Bol TV and is all set to host his new show Bol Kamran Khan Ke Saath at new media network Bol TV. As per the latest reports, Kamran Khan is going... more →
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