Actress Dua Malik is Going To Marry on 16 June

Dua Malik and Sohail Haider
Karachi: Well-known host of morning show and singer Dua Malik is going to marry on 16th June as her formal marriage ceremonies have been started few days ago. Dua Malik got engaged few days ago and her Mayoon Rassam has been done in a simple manner at home due to adverse condition of Karachi. At this event, renowned actress, Humaima... more →
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Actress Humaima Malik Becomes WWF Brand Ambassador from Pakistan

Actress Humaima Malik
Lahore: Famous Pakistani model and actress Humaima Malik has been selected for the ambassador of the brands of (World Wide Fund for Nature) WWF. She has said that this is very honor for her that she has been chosen for the brands of WWF. Actress has said that she is very excited and she is the first Pakistani Actress who is going... more →
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