Some Facts Regarding Axact Case Disclosed

Karachi: Shoaib Shaikh the CEO of Axact was arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) as he was not able to satisfy the Investigators. 7 other Directors including the COO of Axact Group Viqas Atiq were also arrested. A day later Shoaib Shaikh along with his Brother in- law and the COO of Axact group Viqas Atiq was presented... more →
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Newscaster Ashfaque Ishaque Satti Joins Bol News

ashfaque ishaque satti
Another hiring of Aaj TV’s news anchors Ashfaque Ishaque Satti by BOL TV. After working for 7 years with Aaj TV as anchor person, program host and producer, Ashfaque now joins hand with BOL TV. He was one of the most senior News anchors of Aaj TV. The reason behind his switch can be delay in salary because according to the reports,... more →
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Farah Yousaf Also Signs Up With BOL TV

Farah Yousaf
In the era, when all the big media personalities are joining BOL TV; Farah Yousaf has also signed up with the upcoming channel. She was previously working with Abb Takk News channel as a news anchor. The news of quitting her current job was revealed by her in a tweet of November 27, 2014. Her fans are eagerly waiting to see her on... more →
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Nabeel Joins BOL Entertainment as the President & CEO

Pakistan’s top media elite are constantly joining hands with BOL TV. Now BOL media group welcomes most loved actor Nabeel of Bulbulay. He is given the position of President and CEO of BOL Entertainment. He is also the CEO of MIF Productions whose most successful comedy sitcom is Bulbulay “Nabeel is a leading shaheen in Pakistan’s... more →
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