Khushi Hai RamzanKhushi Hai Ramzan is the Ramzan transmission of A-Plus entertainment channel which is hosted by Noor Bukhari and Dr. Omar Aadil. As we know that A-Plus is getting popularity day by day as it is all set to compete in Ramzan transmissions with wide range of preparations for their exclusive transmission.

Khushi Hai Ramzan Ramzan transmission consists on the concepts of ALLAH ka paegaam, Falsafa-e-sayyaam, Tassas-ul-Quran, Taqadus bhi Aqeedat bhi, Sehat bhi Tarbiyat bhi, Qabal-e-qadar mehmaan, ,Waseerat afrooz malumat and many more where all these aspects of Islam will be discussed. A-Plus’s Ramzan transmission is organized in the way to present Islamic talks, Hamd and Naats and much more.

Noor Bukhari and Dr. Omar Aadil are trying their hard to enlighten the transmission with their hosting as well as they are also competing with many celebrities to get the highest rating for their transmission. Both hosts will enthusiastically present live Sehar and Iftar transmission with religious scholars and researchers as well as whole program will be great opportunity for the viewers to get the Islamic knowledge. Noor Bukhari and Dr. Omar Aadil have many more for the viewers in this transmission as well as they will also distribute gifts among their viewers in the blessed month of the year.