Khalid Saleem MotaOne of the most senior actors of Pakistani television and film industry, Khalid Saleem Mota has lost his one eye in operation. According to the reports, famous comedian Khalid Saleem Mota is facing many diseases due to which he had already temporarily leaved showbiz industry. After losing his first eye in an operation, Khalid Saleem Mota is also facing problems with his second eye but he is afraid of the surgery due to previous bad experience.

Khalid Saleem Mota had been suffering from cataract (Motia) in his both eyes and attempted eye surgery in local hospital in Karachi, where he lost his eye due to negligence of doctors. He is nowadays facing big problems for the surgery of his second eye. While talking to a leading newspaper, actor Khalid Saleem Mota said that he is facing pain in his second eye from some days and doctors have prescribed an operation for it after checkup. However he is thinking to consult any competent doctor before eye surgery.

It is to be noted that Khalid Saleem Mota is suffering from many diseases from a long time including sugar, blood pressure and many others. His foot fingers have been already cut down due to his diseases.