Khalid Saleem Mota is one of the most experienced television actors of Pakistani showbiz industry. He was born in Chinyot, District Jhang in 1947 and received his early education from his home town. As most of his family members are businessman, so he moved to Faisalabad in his childhood along with his family and received education up to class 7. Later on, his family shifted to Hyderabad and he had completed his matriculation and Intermediate from there.

Due to business reasons, he shifted back to Faisalabad where his family business was located and completed B.A from there. After getting B.A degree, Khalid Saleem Mota moved to Lahore with an aim to become an actor.

He also took admission in LLB there and got Law degree from Lahore. Due to acting passion, Khalid Saleem Mota didn’t able to practice as a lawyer and joins showbiz industry to become an artist.

Khalid-Saleem-MotaIn his early school and college days, Khalid Saleem Mota started acting as a comic actor and widely appreciated due to his brilliant performances. In the beginning of his television career, Athar Shah Khan Jaidi added the word “Mota”, as a stage name of Khalid Saleem because most of the famous comedians at that time were have their one word stage name. He considered Athar Shah Jaidi and Yawar Hayat Khan as his acting teachers and have learned a lot from both of them.

Khalid Saleem Mota had performed in many stage dramas, television dramas and films. His popular television dramas are Nasheman (broadcasted from PTV) and Meherban House (telecasted from ARY Digital. While her popular films are Daman Aur Chingari, The Mirror, Aakhri Muqabla, Ishq Ishq and Intekhab. However he had performed in number of stage dramas and entertained the public with his sense of humor.

He is among the very few comedians of stage who have never used vulgar dialogues and instead of using cheap way of popularity, Khalid Saleem Mota entertained the audience with the qualitative comedy. He had also received several awards as an appreciation for his work including Nigar Awards and Bolan Awards.

Khalid Saleem Mota have 5 children, three sons and two daughters. All of his sons are running their family business and Khalid Saleem have allowed them to choose profession of their own interest. He is suffering from cataract in both of his eyes nowadays and has temporarily left the showbiz industry due to illness. Khalid Saleem asked his fans to pray for his health so that he would be able to return back to the showbiz industry.