KFC Pakistan has been working for CSR since a very long time. From collecting donations and handing over to NGOs to their value added meals with drink to multiple other on-ground activities, they have made a significant mark in terms of giving back to the society. This time around, on the occasion of Labor Day they decided to take a moment to appreciate the efforts by traffic policemen and Sindh police officers who continue to work for our safety even on national holidays.

The activity started when the KFC Mitao Bhook team gathered at their Sindhi Muslim outlet and from there took the freshly prepared food for traffic policemen and Sindh police officers who were on duty. The team took off to different parts of Karachi in roughly 10-12 cars where they delivered a value meal with drink to those on duty.

kfc labour day

kfc labour dayCEO of KFC Pakistan Raza Pirbhai and the General Manager Marketing – Mr. Noor Alam along with Head of Operations and General Manager HR & Admin also participated in this activity & had their lunch with traffic policemen.

It is good to give back to the society especially to the ones who are working to keep us safe and secure even on national holidays. Let’s take out a moment to do whatever is in our capacity to show them that we appreciate their efforts.

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