kesc new logo as K-ElectricK-Electric, previously recognized as KESC, on the anniversary of their one hundred year presence shown the ‘KE Pride of Karachi Awards’ at the chronological Mohatta Palace preceding Sun. , where the noble Governor Sind Doctor. Ishrat ul Ebad attended as the Topmost Visitant.

KE has been a vital fragment of Karachi for over one hundred years aiding above 20,000,000 clients and provide work for over eleven thousand people that reside in Karachi. Having finished this marker, KE is rather more dedicated to pushing on the way to the improvement of this excellent town.

These people since the formation of Pakistan have arranged a major influence on this nation, this town; its folks and its socio-economic scene are specially recognized at K-electric awards.

In the opinion of the KE publicity announcement, the prize rite which was presented at the Palace which goes back to 1927 was a modest try to recognize and acknowledge those people who’ve worked generously and zealously for the improvement of the social order.

[alert style=”white”] Being so extraordinarily deep rooted in the composition of Karachi, KE made a decision to make a prize ritual to celebrate the wealthy account of this metropolitan area by paying compliment to contributing people from all walks of areas. [/alert]

People from the grounds of humanities & design, Writings, Acting & Visible humanities, Athletic & Social Work had been nominated and designated by a decent committee.