Kabhi Pyar Na Karna lollywood filmFor the first time ever, a Bollywood actress would be seen in a Lollywood movie. ‘Kabhi Pyar Na Karna’ a Pakistani film production is on the verge to get screened at the local cinemas. Urdu language based film stares the Pakistani icons Zara Sheikh, Veena Malik and Moammar Rana in the lead roles. Film shootings were done in Pakistan and USA. It is a directorial debutant by Javed Raza. Ahmed Aqeel Ruby has written the script while Khawaja Tariq Tahir has supervised the technical production.

Neha Dhupia, the Indian Miss Femina, also the movie actress is among the casts of the movie. It is for the first time ever, that the Indian actress would be seen in any of the Lollywood movie.  Pakistani actor and actress Shamyl Khan and Naghma are also the part of the acting team.

Musical compositions are backed by Amjab Bobby and Humaira Arshad, the famous Punjabi singer. Editing services are contributed by Ashfaq Makrani. While, cinematography is done by Waqar Bokhari. Eveready pictures are the distributing agents of promotion. The movie is screened in Capri, Zeenat Cinema, Crown Cinema Hyderabad and Delight movie centers. The movie is set for screening in cinemas nationwide.