Shikarpur: The killers of Pakistani journalist Wali Khan Babar have been punished for their crime. Wali was killed by the terrorist Kamran Alyas, Zeeshan and Faisal Mota have been punished while, Faisal Mehmood, Alias Nafsiaty, Naveed Alias Polka, Muhammad Ali Rizwi and Shahrukh Alias were given jail for life.

Wali Khan was killed in Liaquatabad neighborhood on January 13, 2011 when he was coming back home from his duty. The case got sensitive when six people linked with it with a witness and lawyer was also killed. One more killer Shakeel was set free because of the lack of proves against him. Terrorists have killed 53 journalists in Pakistan.

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[alert style=”white”] It’s worth Mentioning here that Government has included 2 killers name in ECL who are still missing. [/alert]

Wali khan Babar was a Pakistani journalist he was working for the GEO. Talking to the Geo channel brother of Wali Murtaza Babar has said that he has got satisfied over the punishment of his brother’s killers. Judge Mushtaq Ahmad awarded the death penalty to the killers of Wali. Judge has said that we got a clear proof against the killers. Journalist Wali was born in April 5, 1982.