kohinoor tv logoKohenoor is a new channel that began its journey in the electronic media in the year 2000 officially though the channel had contributed to the electronic media industry by giving romantic and musical drama series, ‘Fair and lovely Aik Gana Aik Afsana’ in the late 1998. Afterwards the Kohenoor TV production has the mega hit drama ‘Khuda Ki Basti’ aired on the state owned channel PTV. These two were the initial TV projects of the team and hence in the year the production house came up with another hit drama, ‘Aik Gana, Aik Afasana’. The worldwide response received and the agreements of the media sponsors were reflection of the achievement and the immense potential of the production house.

Kohenoor re-produced ‘Khuda Ki Basti’ in the year 2005 for the Geo TV Network after the drama series ended on PTV world in year 2004. The channel enjoys introducing special effects in small screens of Pakistan and producing the highly rated drama series on Pakistan Television and Cable Satellite.

Pyar ki Kahaniyan, Kaaf – Kahani, Aik Thee Abida, Tum Se Kehna Thaa, Ghar-Beetiyaan are among the notable productions.

The channel had been founded in the year 2007 and had been engaged in producing videos, profiles for multi-nationals, documentaries and shoots for other channels.

The channel also owns Fm 90.4 which is their official fm channel.

Kohenoor bearing the diamond logo embodies the concept of being a gem in electronic media both locally and internationally. The production TV channel aims to revive and promote Pakistani media by focusing on Pakistan’s culture, norms, ethics and traditions while covering fashion, sports, entertainment news, documentaries, reporting from all over the world.

The TV channel has the following details of their websites and address:

Website: www.kohinoor.tv

Fm detailing contact Email address: info[at]kohenoorfm.com

For careers:  kohenoor.tv/career.php

Their central office is located at 65, Allama Iqbal Road, Ghari Shahu, Lahore.

Telephone #: 111-627-425

Young graduates are encouraged to apply at the channel.