Nai Baat TVNai Baat TV channel is the fresh and innovative media channel which is about to launch very soon with well-qualified staff in order to bring latest news updates from all over the world. Nai Baat TV is focusing to develop new dimension to the industry by updating all their audiences with reliable informative news through their trustworthy crew.

As new channel Nai Baat TV is almost all set to make noisein the media industry, they are providing several job opportunities in their Lahore’s office. They are seeking for talented and capable employees who can support them with their goal in the field of journalism. Nai Baat TV assures to provide endless opportunities and facilities to their employees with competitive salary package too. It is a great opportunity for the young talent to become a part of the dynamic media group which has high aims and visions to compete with the largest leading media groups.

Nai Baat TV is offering jobs in their several departments such as Finance & Accounts, Marketing & Sales, Broadcast & Information Technology, Product Development and many more. Candidates are encouraged to apply. Send your resumes at: