Neo_TVThe newly launched Pakistani TV Channel Neo TV claims to be totally away from creating fuss or drama over any matter. The core emphasis is on communicating the real relationship and belonging to the beloved soil along with keeping alive our traditions and culture with focus on our values. Neo has took up this sacred task on its launch. The Chief Executive Director of Neo TV states Neo to be focusing on Freshness, Uniqueness and Newness.

Neo is offering several positions for Internship in several departments of the newly formed channel. The Internship asks for young, energetic and creative problem solvers. Bachelor’s degree is pre-requisite for applying. This Internship opportunity will provide the youth of Pakistan to be armed with extra-ordinary skills which may further lead them to work in the media Industry even in Neo TV. The Internees along with all the employees are expected to work hard for the mission of the “Nai Baat Media Network’ and specifically Neo TV, which is to defend the fundamental boundaries of Pakistan.

[alert style=”white”] Number of Job positions are also vacant and needed to be filled. Neo requires experienced people to fill the positions. [/alert]

The ideal candidate must have a Master’s degree or at least a bachelor’s degree. The job opening also asks for experience in the same field or any other field although preference will be given to the one who is more experienced in looking after the matters organization is facing on day to day basis. Jobs are available for different positions in different departments.

The group Chairman Chaudhry Abdul Rehman has high hopes from the channel in regards to not just its performance but also in regards to the patriotism Neo TV shows, either it be a trivial matter or any national issue. The group wants to ensure that Fundamental boundaries of Pakistan are well protected. Along with it highlighting the heroes of our society and contrary to it bringing into light the criminals who have not just violated the rules but also have made life miserable for the innocent live. Neo has working proudly to clear the mindsets of Pakistani people in regards to keep people updated with the news trends. All the management team will work for the same sticker for 5 year.

[alert style=”white”] Please Email your resume/cv to the following address: [/alert]

Eligibility Criteria for News Anchor Job:

  • O or A Levels, Bachelor, Masters Degree
  • Pleasant & Elegant Personality
  • Excellent Written & oral command over Urdu & English
  • Interest in current affairs

Eligibility Criteria for Internships (Leads to permanent Job Position):

  • Fresh Graduates with related qualifications can apply for following departments
  • News and Programming
  • Creative and Designing
  • Broadcast and IT