Express tribune is attributed to be among the English newspaper of the national level that is affiliated with the international newspaper, The International Herald Tribune which is an edition of the- The Now York Times. Being part of the express media group the newspaper is designed to cater the journalism field with the dedicated, professional members.

The media group works with motive to promote liberalism in the society, covering news details over diverse topics ranging from health , science, technology, entertainment, politics, economics to fashion.

The express media group owns the express channel, has Urdu national Roznama express, official website and the interactive e-paper.

The re-known newspaper is on a search for the young, career-oriented professionals for the following positions.

Sub Editors


Publication Designers

Wed Designer

English Copy and Concept Writer for TV and Print

The relevant details of the job can be found under this following link.

While resumes, cover letter for the positions can be send at:


Contact #: 35800051, 35804227

The newspaper provides the detail news from local to international happenings in all the fields 24/7 and thus is considered among the reliable, credible mouth piece of media.

Express tribune has their offices located in mega cities, Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.