Jeeto Pakistan Show ARY’s Jeeto Pakistan is getting famous in Pakistan day by day. Now the mega-game show decided to enter into Lahore in December where well-liked host Fahad Mustafa would distribute to an spectators of an approximately 1,500 people. Four episodes of ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ would be recorded in Lahore.  The team of ARY’s c also has decided to perform shows in other cities of the country.

Host, Fahad Mustafa said HIP that Lahore would obtain ready for a complete journey with him. ARY’s Jeeto Pakistan would be for whole Pakistan and is not limited to any specific city. Fahad was excited to perform a show for the exciting audience in Lahore – it would not only be amusing but would also give them chance to win exciting gifts. Fahad always wanted to do some things for people and he kept on providing opportunities and bringing new thing for people. Now he decided to do his show from Lahore.

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ARY Digital’s famous game show ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ as breaking records has created follows a well-known set-up of games, questions and answers and challenges for the spectators with winners getting prizes. The show commenced in Ramazan 2014 and its huge success with audiences continues.