Jaag TV (Formally Known as CNBC Pakistan) is trying to become top Pakistani TV Channel. To get this achievement Channel is doing lots of efforts. One of most top rated shows of channel is “Pakistan Aaj Raat”. Interviews of news-makers and personalities from across the country are taken in the program (PAR).

This is the most watching and famous program. Political leaders and entertainers come in this program and converse with the host. This is the controversial program.

Controversial issues are discussed in Pakistan Aaj Raat (PAR). Program provides facts and debate on controversial issues. This program was launched on October 2013 and released on 28th October 2013. This is the current affair talk show comes on Jaag TV. It comes from Monday to Thursday 08.05 pm.

This program is hosted by Shehzad Iqbal. Shehzad Iqbal presents a fresh episode of Pakistan Aaj Raat on Jaag TV. Zeeshan Baber is the producer of this program and Mustafa Khalid is associate producer. So many guests have given their interview in this program.People get knowledge and awareness through this program. Shehzad Iqbal is also a good host the way he host his program people like. Producer Director and host of (PAR) have tried their best in order to make the program good.