Indian content is being watched online

Just few months ago PEMRA issued notices to news channels to completely avoid Indian content on Pakistani channels, it also asked the channels to corporate and only air foreign content within allowed air time. But the content is still in reach of common Pakistani’s.

Before these orders Pakistani channels were giving prime time to Indian contents which not only affected the local industry but were also a threat to our religious and cultural values.

But now it has been observed that Indian channels apps are being downloaded in increased numbers, for example ‘Colors TV’ app is trending 2nd in new free released videos. It is being said that now the content is being watched online through internet.

While India is busy in shelling Azad Kashmir and oppressing the people of Occupied Kashmir we are making their industry more powerful by watching their channels.

Another issue has been that PEMRA stopped Indian content but is allowing Turkish and other foreign contents which are also against religious and cultural values of Pakistan.

PEMRA also launched a crackdown against Indian DTH, and now recently local organizations were granted licenses for DTH.