Actress KajolIslamabad: Superstar of Bollywood Kajol seems to be a fan of Pakistani dramas as she has said in an interview “I wish India has dramas like Pakistan”. Kajol also said that she has watched some dramas of Pakistan with her mother-in-law at Cine Dosti, the Brand New Entertainment Channel in India which broadcasts Pakistani dramas as these Pakistani dramas have impressed Kajol very much.

The famed star of India further stories of Pakistani dramas are very appealing as they have very strong contents to show and India producers should learn from Pakistani dramas. [alert style=”white”] Pakistani dramas are not consists on long episodes and long period of time which actually faded the interest of person as their drams mostly made up on 20 to 25 episodes which creates fascinating interest of viewers, Kajol added.[/alert] Pakistani dramas which are getting appreciations from all over the world has won many hearts as airing of Pakistani dramas in India has given great response to the Pakistani drama industry.

The 40 years old actress Kajol has also showed her interest to work in Pakistan if good script, screenplay and production house came into her way. She also added that she wishes to visit Pakistan in order to meet her fans as she also loves beautiful valleys and rich cultural heritage of Pakistan which she wants to see.