As the Holy month of Ramzan begins with all its blessings and beautiful colors on humanity, almost all the TV channels of Pakistan have started their special Ramzan transmissions. Ramzan programs on almost all the TV channels of Pakistan are being hosted by actors, actresses and other showbiz personalities. Expensive sets are specially designed by spending millions of rupees for the Sehri and Aftar transmissions on various News and Entertainment channels.

Recently, a new trend of game shows have also started in which participants of the transmission wins expensive gifts on easy questions, which are mostly sponsored by big companies. There are both the negative and the positive impacts of these Ramzan transmissions on our society but it is just because of the fact that people don’t keep balance between their prayers and watching these programs.

One school of thought from our society claims that the trend of Ramzan programs broadcasted from different TV channels in Pakistan have totally changed the concept of Holy month. They claim that around 15 years ago when there was only one state channel in Pakistan, people spent this month by reading Quran and other prayers but nowadays, they have totally forgotten the real object of this Holy month due to these programs.

aamir liaquat in ramzan shows in pakistanOther section of the society claims that the Ramzan programs on TV channels is the best source of Islamic knowledge and this trend have given the opportunity for the people to increase their general knowledge. Charity segments in these Ramzan programs are also a source of helping poor people in this Holy month of Ramzan.

However it is a sincere advice for all the Muslims to keep balance between their prayers and watching these Ramzan programs on TV channels, in order to get the blessings of this Holy month.